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Transferring From One System To Another

Your marketable Treasury securities may be held in any of these three systems:

  • The commercial book-entry system
    (where a bank, broker, or dealer holds your securities)
  • TreasuryDirect
    (our current system where you may have an online account)
  • Legacy Treasury Direct
    (our previous system, which is phasing out)

From TreasuryDirect to the commercial book-entry system

To transfer a security to a bank, broker, or dealer, you need this information from them:

  • The Financial Institution's Wire Name
  • The routing number (ABA number) for that financial institution
  • The agent or broker's name and phone number
  • The name and account number of the account into which the security is going

When you have that information:

  1. Go to your TreasuryDirect account.
  2. Choose the Manage Direct tab.
  3. Identify the security or securities you want to transfer.
  4. Choose External Transfer.
  5. Open the link for FS Form 5511, "TreasuryDirect Transfer Request."
  6. Fill out the required information and follow the instructions on the form.

From the commercial book-entry system to TreasuryDirect

You must have a TreasuryDirect account to transfer the security into.

If you need to get one, open a TreasuryDirect account.

Once you have a TreasuryDirect account:

  1. Contact the bank, broker, or dealer who holds the security.
  2. Give them this information for the transfer:
    • Receiving bank name (all caps; no spaces): TREASURYDIRECT
    • ABA number: 051736158
    • Your TreasuryDirect account number

Within TreasuryDirect

You may transfer a security to a primary account, custom account, or minor linked account.

If you are transferring the security to another primary account, you will need the recipient's Social Security Number and TreasuryDirect account number.

To transfer a security from one TreasuryDirect account to another:

  1. Go to your TreasuryDirect account.
  2. Choose the Manage Direct tab.
  3. Choose the option for making this type of transfer.
  4. Fill out the required information.

From Legacy Treasury Direct to the commercial book-entry system, to TreasuryDirect, or transferring within Legacy Treasury Direct

For any kind of transfer from or within Legacy Treasury Direct, you must fill out Form 5179 and mail it as directed on the form.

For each type of transfer to a bank, broker, or dealer, a TreasuryDirect account, or another Legacy Treasury Direct account, you need specific information.

Review the form before you start so you know what information to gather to fill out the form correctly.

If you are transferring to a bank, broker, or dealer, contact them to get the information you need for Form 5179.

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