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For Government Users

In addition to the sale of Treasury marketable securities or savings bonds to the public, TreasuryDirect also offers investing opportunities to federal, state, or local U.S. government agencies that meet certain legal requirements.

Federal Investments Program

Federal agencies that have the necessary legal authority, proper documentation, and available funds can purchase Government Account Series (GAS) securities using FedInvest. The Federal Investments Program accounts for almost one-quarter of the public debt, providing services to about 240 trust, deposit, and special funds.

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Issuers of state and local government tax-exempt debt can purchase securities that comply with the Internal Revenue Code. Several varieties of State/Local Government Securities (SLGS) can be managed using SLGSafe, an online portfolio application.

Resources & Reports for Government

Security Liquidation & Proceeds

Security Liquidation is a process in which the Bureau of the Fiscal Service can convert securities (obligations) that have been received by Federal Executive Agencies into cash.

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Federal Borrowings Program

The purpose of the Federal Borrowings Program is to facilitate loans to federal agencies on behalf of the Department of the Treasury (Treasury). Certain authorized Federal agencies may borrow funds from Treasury. The proceeds are used to support programs such as education, housing, flood relief, agriculture, and small businesses.

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Treasury Managed Accounts

There are 77 Treasury Managed Accounts. These accounts are specific in purpose and consist of deposit funds, receipt accounts, and appropriated accounts. Reports are available on Contract Disputes, No FEAR Act, and Unclaimed Moneys.

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Funds Management Program Reports

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service's Funds Management Branch (FMB) provides investment and limited accounting services to Treasury-managed Trust Funds and Treasury-program Trust Funds.

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Historical Debt Outstanding

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service’s Summary Debt Accounting Branch accounts for and reports on the public debt. Read the fascinating story of the debt over the years.

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Public Debt Reports

View various reports on the current status of the public debt.

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Government Losses in Shipment Fund

The Government Losses in Shipment Fund (GLSF) is a revolving fund in the Treasury used for the replacement value of items lost, destroyed, or damaged while being shipped in accordance with regulations.

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Interest Rates and Prices

Looking for current or past interest rates on a federal investment or security? Here you can find the information you need through a variety of applications and reports.

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The Debt Subject to Limit is the maximum amount of money the Government is allowed to borrow without receiving additional authority from Congress.

*The statutory debt limit has been suspended until January 2025.

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