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Savings Bond Pro® - Updates

We update Savings Bond Pro regularly, usually every six months, and at times, we update the program and associated files. You can get our updates for Bond Pro in one of two ways.

Get  the latest values using the Current Update links provided below. 

For future updates, we can notify you when a new update is available.  Just create a generic e-mail address at your site (such as, bondpro@mybank.com) and inform us of your address. We'll automatically send you an update message that includes a direct link to download the update file.

Current Update

To update Bond Pro, follow these instructions.

  • New Values (File Size – 1.90 MB, File Uploaded 05/01/19)
    (Save this file with the name sbbpcrv.exe.)
  • New Treasury File (File Size - 50 MB, File Uploaded 05/06/19)
    (Save this file with the name sbbptfc.exe.)

Note:  You must be using Version 4.0 to use the Treasury File.